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The Importance of Cyber Incident Response Planning

The Internet is an insecure arena for business owners. In the contemporary business world, companies must constantly assess their cybersecurity infrastructure against evolving threats and advanced hacking technologies. Although many companies do implement a cybersecurity system for protection, few have a plan for when the system fails. Cyber incident response planning is an essential part of standard cybersecurity measures. Companies must have be prepared for when there is a security breach and have a plan.

Incident Response Planning

Incident response planning is a structured method for handling and planning for cybersecurity breaches and threats. Often security breaches create high-pressure situations, and it becomes difficulty to act appropriately and effectively to minimize damage. During a cyber attack, companies will face unexpected threats and breaches and must be prepared to handle the unknown. Having a developed incident response plan in place is fundamental aspect of any cybersecurity system. There are three major components of developing a successful incident response.

Develop a Baseline

One of the most important parts of developing an incident response planning is starting from a baseline of specific goals. When devising your incident response plan, determine the current state of your cybersecurity system and develop a set of achievable goals and needs.

Create a Plan for Assessment and Evaluation

Once you have a baseline for the current state of your cybersecurity system and goals for improvement, it is important to create a plan to evaluate progress and performance. A great way to determine the effectiveness of your cybersecurity is to conduct S.W.O.T analysis and identify places that need improvement.


After you have developed a plan for assessing your goals, you can implement your strategies for effective cybersecurity incident response planning. Any successful plan will use continual checkpoints to make sure the incident plan holds up to current standards.

Implementing a strong incident response plan is an imperative part of any successful cybersecurity infrastructure. Companies need to be prepared for cyber breaches and attacks.