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SEO Copywriting – 6 Tips on How to Write Optimised Copy

SEO Copywriting – 6 Tips on How to Write Optimised Copy

Any business owner or entrepreneur that wants to succeed online needs to know about SEO copywriting to have a good online presence. Not only is it vitally important that they appear high in the search engine rankings on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, it is crucial that they have a good web design that is attractive, and the content of their site is clear and concise.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting plays an important role in determining how well a website ranks in the search engines. Why? SEO Copywriters write in a style that attracts the search engines and reads well for the user too! Without hiring an SEO Copywriter how can you ensure you have quality content that is clear and concise and will help improve your search engine rankings? Here are 6 useful SEO Copywriting tips:

Writing a web homepage – when writing copy you have to understand that you only have 10 seconds in which to grab your reader’s attention, draw them to your products or services, and lead them into your site. These are the two ‘A’s of the AIDAS test, grabbing Attention and encouraging Action.

Include corporate SEO keywords – when writing copy you should include corporate SEO keywords. This is the best way to drive pre-qualified leads to your site, aiding you in converting sales.

The use of sub-headers – when writing copy you should use sub-headers. If you are looking to capture and draw the attention of your reader into your copy this is the perfect solution as only 10% of copy gets read, a great way to keep their attention.

Balance is important – when writing copy you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself. The copy that you write should be 90% about the reader and only 10% about your company. If you over step the mark you could lose potential customers.

Write your copy like you talk – when writing copy you should write in a style that is similar to the way that you speak. By writing in this style, your readers will get sucked into your copy simply because it’s easy to read.

Writing sales copy – when writing copy that is sales focussed, it is important to make sure you deliver a promised and show proof. In addition to this, you must also include a call for action.

Hopefully you will have found these 6 SEO Copywriting tips useful and will implement them accordingly into your SEO Copywriting. If they are carried out correctly, the results will show when your website rises up the rankings of the search engines.