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5 Tips to Successful Landing Page Optimization

5 Tips to Successful Landing Page Optimization

It’s important to pre-sell your affiliate product beforehand and you can do this by optimizing your landing page. Thus, the look and feel of your landing page is very important. The first rule for successful landing page is never have any distraction in your page so that your visitor does only one thing and that is to click on your affiliate link. Below are some useful guides for landing page optimization, which you can use to improve your commission.

Is Your Site Content Relevant?

In order to increase your click through rate, your landing page’s content must be relevant to your keyword, product and audiences. This is because relevant content draws in more relevant visitors and they are more likely to purchase from you. You must make sure that your content is related to the product that you are promoting. For example, if you are selling a cure acne product, your webpage content must be acne related, like “skin care” or “cause of acne”. Don’t sell a beauty product on electronics webpage. This is a major mistake make my many affiliates.

Be Specific

It’s very important that the minute a visitor landed on your landing page, he must be able to tell what it’s all about. If your site is so unclear that your visitor has to guess, then your landing page has failed the optimization test. Make sure that your information is clear and straight to the point. If your visitor don’t knows what your webpage is all about, he will leave almost immediately.

Your Headline: Keep It Strong

The most important part of your landing page is your headline. Whether you attract or repel your visitors depend largely on your headline. Stir your reader’s emotion with your headline and entice them in to read more. Keep the headlines simple and clear, and always focus on the benefits.

Talks About Benefits

Another important key to successful landing page optimization is product benefits. First, you need to highlight the major benefits. Then use the benefits to tell them how great their lives will be, after using the product. And you must tell it in such a way that touches their emotions. If your visitors knows what benefits they get from the product, they are more willing to buy from you.

You must not confuse the between benefits and features, as they are two different things. Benefits are the results that a client gets upon using the product and features are what the product is designed to do. Focus on the benefits more than features because they will improve your sales conversion far better than features.

Make Your Site Professional

How your website looks can also make or break your success, so never build a sloppy website. You have to make sure that your landing page looks as professional as possible. Here is a basic guide to making your website look professional:

Arial or Verdana Fonts, 10 to 14 size

Background must be bright and text must be dark

Keep the most 3 columns in your web page

All links must be in standard blue text

Put images of the promoting product on your web page

Make sure the content is grammatically correct and error free

There are thousands of affiliate landing pages, but most of them are poorly optimized. This is why they can’t make a sale online. Eventually, the affiliates conclude that the product simply doesn’t sell online and give up. Make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. Just follow these methods above, optimize your landing page and increase of your conversion rate.