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Killer Email Copywriting Autoresponder Format

Killer Email Copywriting Autoresponder Format

here are a bunch of email copywriting methods that you can use when writing autoresponder messages but I have found that by following a set format the task becomes very easy while remaining very profitable.

Here is the format that I use when creating messages for my autoresponders.

Email Copywriting Format

#1 – Opening Paragraph – I have found that starting out with a short paragraph as an interesting description. Keep the paragraph as short as possible while still getting the message across.

#2 – Links – I have seen email messages that are so full of links that it is actually confusing. In my opinion that kind of message is sure to be the recipient of the delete button. My messages usually have only 2 or 3 links at the most.

#3 – PS – The power of the postscript is over looked by many email copywriters but you don’t have to be one of them, use the PS to mention a benefit or bonus that is not detailed in the copy of the main body of your email.

#4 – Overall Size – Remember that people are lazy by nature and if they see a huge wall of text when they open your email chances are they will trash it. I try to keep my messages around 250 – 300 words in length.

#5 – Width – Keep the width of your email copy at about 60 characters. If the message gets too wide it can be “broken” by the email client and look just plain ugly and sloppy.

More Email Copywriting Tips

Do you use proper English when you speak to a friend? Of course you don’t, none of us do. Write your email messages in a conversational tone just like you would talk to a friend.

Use the first third or half of your message to tell a story or talk about a current event then you can transition into selling the product easily and smoothly.

Keep your transition very subtle and ease into the sales pitch and call to action.

Creating messages for your autoresponder doesn’t have to be hard. Write a short opening paragraph that tells a story or talks about a current event. Use links sparingly, 2 or 3 is plenty. Use the PS to mention a benefit that you didn’t talk about in the message, Keep the overall size of your message around 250 -300 words and at about 60 characters in width. If you follow these simple email copywriting tips your messages will be easy to write and easy to read.