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Invigorate Your Sales Writing Using These 10 Copywriting Techniques

Invigorate Your Sales Writing Using These 10 Copywriting Techniques

What do your business words forecast? Do they predict doom and gloom, a weak front ahead, or a heat wave of opportunities? Perhaps your sales copy is trapped in fog, unable to penetrate through?

If you’re unsure, it’s time to blow away the cobwebs, take a serious look at how you write, and aim for clear, straightforward copy.

Why do you need clear sales writing?

With the good old British weather, it can be hard to guess what’s coming next. When we expect sun, it clouds over. When we think it will rain, it’s gloriously sunny!

With business writing you need to present a consistent, professional image. As words give your business a voice, you need to stop and consider whether yours have the effect you want. It’s easy to slip up on grammar or write something unintentionally. By that time, it could be too late.

There is no doubt the wrongly chosen phrase or inappropriate comment can result in customers scurrying away for cover. Because people expect professionalism from companies, they will expect you to have a professional voice in your communications.

Well-considered copy has the power to attract clients like sun worshipers flocking to a sunny beach.

10 tips to transform your business copy.

How can you ensure your copy is cloud free? Instead of leaving it to chance, there are plenty of techniques you can use to ensure your marketing copy resembles a calm, cloudless sky.

1. Use plain English, instead of longer, showy phrases.

2. Make sure you use positive language, instead of negative.

3. Avoid pointless adjectives – just use them to inform.

4. Test your copy using the Gunning fog index.

5. Read your copy out loud so you can ‘hear’ how it comes across.

6. Shorten your sentences to give copy more impact.

7. To achieve a ‘feel-good’ factor, load copy with benefits to the client

8. Avoid cliches ‘like the plague.’

9. Use white space after punctuation and aim for 3-4 sentence paragraphs.

10. Be concise and to the point. Waffle costs customers!

Copy which confuses the reader is ineffective marketing. So, join the ‘3C’ club. And, ensure your copy is Clear – Concise – Captivating. As soon as you get your business message across clearly, you’ll get better results!