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All About SEO – On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization

All About SEO – On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization

Optimization of website increases search engine results ranking is an open book secret nowadays. Almost every other ecommerce website engages SEO experts to optimized their website and make it SEO friendly in order to increase online traffic. So, how exactly does it work? It is simple. Basically, there are two main steps involved in the optimization of a website namely-On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

SEO is all about modifications and online activities required to achieve high results in the search engine ranking, the most sought of all being Google. To be on the top results page of Google certainly means higher traffic volume for your website given the fact that this giant search engine draws nearly 80% of the total online traffic. As a matter of fact, On Page Optimization is confined to all those areas of activities on the web pages like – optimizing the existing content, HTML code corrections, remove dead or broken links, selection of title tag, meta tag and keywords. It may also include adding Google and XML Site Map and other another analytical set up. In addition, On Page Optimization on the website is usually done only once. Online optimization enables the website to identify the requirements of the customer and customize the website to cater the needs. On page optimization is necessary in order to highly the content of the page and to stress on the main keywords to be optimized.

On the other hand, Off Page Optimization as the name suggests refer to those SEO activities carried out off the web page and the process involves the link building work. It targets at getting back links with the help of different link building techniques for particular keywords. The technicality of the process include-the creation of new pages, one way link building, directory submission, classified ad creation and submission, video creation and submission, blog post message creation and submission, press release creation and submission and eBook creation and submission.

This type of optimization is usually not visible on the website but it plays a vital role in promoting the ranking in the top search engines result page. The process requires regular input and update of the website and must be carried out ethically. Non-adherence to search engine SEO rules and regulations may lead to serious consequences even black listing of website in some cases. So, the most important question is to identify the right sites to which you want to establish the links. That’s not all, linking up with credible, high ranking and quality sites boost your site’s chance of being among the top search engine results.

Achieving top rankings in the results page of search engine do not require any infeasible short cuts but the correct applications of SEO techniques-On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.