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Important Factors That Affect Search Engine Optimization

Important Factors That Affect Search Engine Optimization

On page optimization is the part of search engine optimization that deals with all the factors on your webpage that affect your website ranking in search engines. There are multiple things that come under the domain of on page optimization. Some of these on page optimization factors include your webpage title, website URL, the Meta description tags, attributes of images and the content.

Keyword selection

Choosing the correct keyword is the first step of search engine optimization. Your keyword should be low in competition and preferably long-tailed. Here’s a hint for choosing the keyword, imagine yourself as a customer surfing the web for a specific product, then think of a word that you would prefer to search on Google’s search engine. After that, research on that keyword’s strength and competition. Ideal keyword selection will make your on page optimization more fruitful and convenient.

Page Title

On page optimization starts from optimizing your page title. Your title must contain the keyword. Moreover, it is better to start your title with the keyword. For example, if you are offering a “Webdesign Service” you should start your page title as “Webdesign Service that……”

Optimizing the URL

Similar to title your URL must also have the keyword. If you are searching for webdesign firms, the first option that a search engine will look for will be site URLs with the keywords in it. So, you must optimize your URL according to the rules of on page optimization to get the best out of it. Nobody would like his or her URL to appear like p0=34rjjr5. Optimize it.

Optimizing the Meta-Description

Meta description deals with the code of the page. Most of the search engines use the Meta description tags to describe their results. On page optimization rules say that your Meta description tag should contains the keyword. This way there are more chances that you page will rank higher in search engines.

Alt Attributes

Placing Alt attributes for pictures and other content on the website should not be missed while doing on page optimization. This will not only help in ranking your page higher in webpage searches but your page ranking in image searches will also be good.

These are some of the main attributes that must be considered while doing search engine optimization on your page. Keep in mind that bringing the customers to your page does not necessarily mean that you will earn a lot. There are also some other factors as well that you need to consider when it comes to on page optimization.