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Building Effective Backlinks

Building Effective Backlinks

Backlinks or off-page optimization are an important element to increase visibility and authority of the website. The first effect is immediate. Anybody visiting web page can follow a link to your page. This is one way of getting traffic to your website. However, the most important benefit of backlinks is the signal that is sent to search engines. Each link to your website means that there is something useful or interesting to read. Many links to particular page mean and confirm usefulness and relevancy of this page. This fact is used by search engines to determine the importance of individual pages. This applies in particular to Google and its patented PageRank algorithm. This algorithm uses backlinks to calculate a number which represents the quality or authority of the page. Unfortunately, not all backlinks have the same value.

At least three factors contribute to the value of a backlink. The first one is the “nofollow” attribute. Links marked with this attribute are mainly useful for human visitors. Search engines do not follow this link and it does not contribute to the PageRank (PR) calculation. The second factor is the PageRank of the page where the link is placed. Backlinks on low PR pages are worth significantly less than backlinks on high authority pages with high PR. The third factor is the anchor text. This is the link text that actually points to your page. Anchor text should be descriptive and should contain keywords relevant for the page it points to. You should avoid anchor texts like “click here”, “on this page” or “follow this link”.

You can get or place backlinks on blogs, forums, web directories, Web 2.0 pages or on any page that has some related content. The easiest way to get links from other web users is to have good quality content. When other webmasters find interesting content on your page they create a link to it to share this information with other users. This is natural linking. Quality unique content in not only a good SEO element it is also a magnet to attract backlinks. For other methods to get links you need to invest some time and effort. You need to find blogs or forums related to the content of your website. Here you will be able to promote your website but before you do that you need to contribute something useful. Read conversations and try to provide some answer or comment that will help other readers. Avoid short comments that look like spam. Spend some time searching for blogs or forums that don’t use the “nofollow” attribute and have high PageRank. Links on such places will help your website to achieve higher ranking in search results.¬†visit¬†