CMS Web Design Solutions – Joomla Or WordPress?

CMS Web Design Solutions – Joomla Or WordPress?

These days there are so many factors to have a look at when it comes to a perfect web design solution for your business. From look and feel all the way to practicality, implementing and maintaining your website. This is where a CMS (Content Management System) is very useful to meet all these prerequisites.

A CMS web design solution will make anyone’s life easier whether you are a beginner or novice when it comes to creating a web site and maintaining it. And to make it even more sufficient these CMS platforms comes with loads of plugins, including plugins to better SEO and so many more features.

The two CMS platforms I myself use and specialise in is WordPress and Joomla. Below I will go in a little more detail on each of these CMS web design solutions, laying out there benefits and most important features.


Joomla CMS is specialised for easy management of many different type of content in many different positions on a website whilst making it all look good and perform fast. When it comes to a blog it would be best to run Joomla with a WordPress installing on the same domain and sharing the same MySQL database.

Joomla Pros

Installation size on server is roughly 30MB and with working Template and site results to about 100MB

Friendly for all different users including Developers, Designers and Administrators

Huge resource based community for support and help with developing websites

Is growing rapidly and improving itself for over more than 3 years now

Joomla Cons

Still lacks when it comes to user friendliness for the novice to average computer user

Not best CMS when it comes to blogging

Does not work well on linux server not SuPHP enabled


This is the best solution for bloggers and blogging websites and as you know Google loves blogs. With the latest WordPress 3 and a WordPress 3 template you also have multiple menu positions and layouts as Joomla and one can create a web site with a static home page and much more.

WordPress Pros

Very simple to use as it is right out of the box with no modifications

Best for blogging or sharing your experiences and thoughts in a sequential matter

Even the most non computer friendly users can get the hang of it quick and easy

WordPress Cons

Not developer friendly

Upgrades can bring more bugs and incompatibility issues with other plugins than fixes

For some reason the WordPress community complains the most

So in conclusion whether using WordPress or Joomla it depends what your specific needs are, but I would suggest using them both together for best long term ROI and ensuring great rankings in Google and other search engines.…

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Never Let the SEO Specialist Go Without Answering These Questions

Most people think that just having a website for their business is a great achievement. One thing that they might not know is that the website might be active, but 90% of their target audiences are not even conscious about their online presence. If the website is not well ranked by Google, online marketing cannot be attained

Nobody wants to start up a business without sales. Remember, no marketing, no selling. Do you wonder why some websites are so attractive and look so authentic? Somebody is working behind the scene to make this happen.

Hiring an SEO expert can be relatively expensive before you get rooted in the market. All you need is the basic knowledge of how to optimize your online market. This is why you can’t miss asking an SEO specialist the following questions:

1. How can I boost my website ranking?

Best ranked websites enjoy good search traffic. Most people today tend to make their purchases online. When they search for a given product, they tend to click on the search results that come first. This means that your online presence can be assumed if your website is not found on the first page.

It should, therefore, concern you how you are going to boost the ranking. Indianapolis SEO experts are very genuine and will help you out. They will be transparent to you even take over to promote it for you at a fee. As they do this, they will never hide you on the strategies that they will use to boost it. You can be open to sign a contract with such experts and be at peace that they will do as they promise.

2. Where do I place local searches in my marketing?

One critical factor that most clients will be more interested in is the delivery or shipping cost. The reason most customers buy online is to have the product delivered at their doorstep. However, if the shipping fee is too much for them, they will avoid such a seller.

Local buyers will go for local sellers to minimize the cost of buying. A genuine SEO expert will tell you that it is essential to emphasize on local search results since your big business promoters will be the local buyers. The SEO specialist will also tell you that that your website needs to include your local city for local search. All local listings like Yahoo should as well list it.

3. How patient should I become to reap from SEO?

You don’t start your SEO without expecting any results. The results might take longer than you expect. You have to work for it. Most online vendors tend to get impatient to wait for the results. Somewhere in the journey, they give up.

Indianapolis SEO experts will tell you that you need to be patient to reap from this marketing strategy. Well, there is always some hope that finally, you will see the results. Many factors come to play for the results to be witnessed.

The quality and quantity of your content are vital for its growth. The content should as well answer your audiences’ questions. Additionally, you must have domain authority. These are some of the things you ought to work on.

Well, it might take not more than a month for you to get the results. You should, therefore, not rush to change your SEO strategies since you might not know which approach works best if you keep changing them.

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Stephen King's Best Books

Stephen King’s Best Books to Read in Spare Time

There are many genres of book that can be read by everyone. You must be familiar also with famous writers like JK Rowling who have had success with Harry Potter. But there are also Stephen King’s best books. This figure has recently been in the spotlight. Do you know what are his books? You might be already known his movies which are adapted from the novel. Yeah, this amazing writer is very famous with his horror genre. For those who are looking for alternative books to read, there are some options below. It’s true that sometimes you need to refresh your mind by reading different genres of book.

The Green Mile

The number one of Stephen King’s best books to read is The Green Mile. In this book, he creates a black man or negro character that committed a crime. Because of this problem, jailed and given a death sentence. The story becomes more interesting when the main character has a power to heal only with a touch. It’s all about a prison drama that you can read and enjoy in your spare time. You should know that this has been nominated for Oscar in 1999.


Now it’s the time to discuss about the latest book namely IT. Since it’s made into a film, there are fans who are excited for the second IT. For those who don’t watch yet, the story tells about a group of teenagers who trapped in a haunted house. If you don’t like clown, you might be afraid to watch this movie. It’s because the Pennywise aka the clown has a very scary face.  For those fans, you don’t need to wait longer because the second movie to premiere in September this year. The story will begin when a group of teenagers becomes adults.


According to the title, the story tells about what happened on November, 1963. This genre might ber different from the previous. But it also as amazing as the others. When you read this book, you will be invited to go back to the old days when President John F Kennedy dies. This time, King created a story based on a real moment. But he added the character that has a power to change the history by preventing the JFK assassination.

Salem’s Lot

For those who like vampire or Dracula story, Salem’s Lot is one of the Stephen King’s best books to read. Salem’s Lot is a small town in Maine. You can feel the atmosphere of vampire terror at night. King really knows how to make the reader feel the story. You can imagine that there is a vampire that haunt you and want to suck your blood. This must be terrifying.

The Stand

The last book you can read is The Stand. This is the fifth novel which was published in September 1978. But this is also the last of King. It has a horror fantasy drama that becomes the longer edition. He added pop culture references based in the that time. Even, this is also translated into dozen languages.…

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3 Great Reasons To Hire a Janitorial Service for Your Small Business

When you’re the proud owner of your own small business, the right outsourced services can be absolute godsends. This is no less the case when it comes to the cleaning duties at your various facilities and locations. The following are just a few of the ways the right janitorial services Minneapolis solution can help make your life as a business owner easier.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Every dollar counts when it comes to the average small business budget, so it’s always prudent to save where you can. When you outsource your cleaning and sanitation needs, you don’t need to worry about covering the benefits and salary an in-house solution would cost you. Instead, you can pay for exactly what you need and want done on an ongoing basis.

2. Cleaner Facilities

Many small businesses simply require existing team members to share cleaning responsibilities among themselves, but professional janitors will actually do a much better job. Cleaning is never an afterthought to a professional, so you can always count on the job getting done in a timely manner no matter how busy a day your business might be having. Plus, professionals have the training, equipment, and supplies necessary to do a truly stunning job, so your facility will always be perfectly spic and span.

3. Better Employee Morale

Janitorial services can help boost productivity, general wellness, and overall job satisfaction when it comes to your team as well. Cleaner working environments are healthier working environments, so employees are less likely to miss work because of illness. Plus, having a clean space in which to work is always a productivity and mood booster.

At the end of the day, you and your team deserve a sparkling, sanitary environment in which to work and serve your customers. Outsourcing the job to the right professional cleaning service can guarantee you exactly that.…

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The Importance of Cyber Incident Response Planning

The Internet is an insecure arena for business owners. In the contemporary business world, companies must constantly assess their cybersecurity infrastructure against evolving threats and advanced hacking technologies. Although many companies do implement a cybersecurity system for protection, few have a plan for when the system fails. Cyber incident response planning is an essential part of standard cybersecurity measures. Companies must have be prepared for when there is a security breach and have a plan.

Incident Response Planning

Incident response planning is a structured method for handling and planning for cybersecurity breaches and threats. Often security breaches create high-pressure situations, and it becomes difficulty to act appropriately and effectively to minimize damage. During a cyber attack, companies will face unexpected threats and breaches and must be prepared to handle the unknown. Having a developed incident response plan in place is fundamental aspect of any cybersecurity system. There are three major components of developing a successful incident response.

Develop a Baseline

One of the most important parts of developing an incident response planning is starting from a baseline of specific goals. When devising your incident response plan, determine the current state of your cybersecurity system and develop a set of achievable goals and needs.

Create a Plan for Assessment and Evaluation

Once you have a baseline for the current state of your cybersecurity system and goals for improvement, it is important to create a plan to evaluate progress and performance. A great way to determine the effectiveness of your cybersecurity is to conduct S.W.O.T analysis and identify places that need improvement.


After you have developed a plan for assessing your goals, you can implement your strategies for effective cybersecurity incident response planning. Any successful plan will use continual checkpoints to make sure the incident plan holds up to current standards.

Implementing a strong incident response plan is an imperative part of any successful cybersecurity infrastructure. Companies need to be prepared for cyber breaches and attacks.…

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Effective Teaching Strategies for Science Education

Students at this time maybe bored with the using of whiteboard in learning activities. It is because it has no interesting display to learn the subject materials. There must be effective teaching methods for any subject like Science education that can grow the interest of students in learning. If you are a teacher, you have to know about effective teaching strategies  to make your students understand the subject materials quickly. There are some effective teaching strategies for Science education below that you can use at the class.

Use Power Point for Teaching

As the modern era, there are innovative teaching medias available. Power Point is on of the examples for getting an effective teaching. You can use this media in teaching your students about scientific education. Make brief explanations about anything important relate to the science materials on your power point. You also can add some pictures to support the discussion.

Story Telling Method

The next effective teaching strategy for Science education is using story telling method. Most of students are not interested in reading books. That is why this story telling method is a best way in attracting students interest to understand the subject materials. Provide some examples around us or real experience to make your students excited to join the discussion.

Provide Scientific Games

Providing scientific games is the next strategy in getting an effective teaching for Science education. You can give them scientific games such as Science Bingo playing cards for knowing the Science terms or using  crossword puzzles to solve the Science clues. It will be very effective to enliven the classroom atmosphere.

Group Projects

To make students become more active in learning Science education, you also can give them group projects. It will require each student to be active in discussing the Science projects so that the class will be very effective.

Invite Students for a Field Trip

The last strategy in getting an effective teaching is invite your students for a field trip. You can bring them to nature or scientific museum to learn Science education. It will be easier for them to explore and understand the Science materials. Besides, it also will refresh their mind from the complicated Science materials at school.…

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Best University in Asia to Recommended

In this modern era, there are many universities to choose. But it makes people confused because they want to get the best university to study. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) a best university in Asia that you can choose. It is a good choice for you because it belongs to top ten universities in Asia.

This university is located in Singapore. As we know that this is a developed country. You do not have to worry to take a study here. It is because you will get well treat in order from the government. If you want to know more about this best university in Asia, you can take a look at the information below about anything relates to Nanyang Technology University (NTU).

Choices of Subjects

This best university in Asia is a good choice for those who want to take technological subject. There are some choices of subjects that concern on business and management, art and design, linguistics, hospitality, chemistry, and mathematics. You can also choose science, communication and media, or mechanical subject.

Requirements for Academic

The important requirement you need to submit is student evaluation reports for the first four semesters in Senior High School. You also will have to pass the exams which necessary to do according to the Singapore level Higher 2 or H2, except Math and Language subjects.

Facilities to Get

As a a best university in Asia, Nanyang Technology University will serve you a good quality of technology. There is a wireless internet with good speed that you can use anytime. Besides, there are sport facilities including indoor and outdoor areas. You also do not have to worry where to stay if you take a study in here. It is because this best university in Asia has best facilities of dormitory.

Conveniences Offered

If you take a study in this best university in Asia, there will be an interesting offer that you can get in the form of scholarship. You will automatically will get it if you get rank in studying.

After knowing the whole information about Nanyang Technological University (NTU), it is a good start for you to select this best university in Asia for your better future.…

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