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Optimizing Your Sales Page the Right Way

Optimizing Your Sales Page the Right Way

In this article, I will explain how it is sometimes more important to write a page with the people in mind, how they think, feel and react than to have it optimized for the mere purpose of drawing traffic.

Having sales pages in your online business or website is the main moneymaker for your business. So it is important to have the copy on that page to be as congruent to the language of the people you are selling to. In most cases, this helps in making more sales than having the sales page to be optimized for traffic.

To explain, what this means is: for example you have a sales page. That page is not necessarily optimized to draw in traffic, however it is optimized in a way that traffic from other pages are drawn towards it eventually. However, what that page is, is written in a way that matches exactly what the reader wants to know. The keywords are precisely what they are looking for, and the overall feel of the page is about understanding the people, rather then selling to them.

Do you see where this is going? If you merely optimized the sales page as something to draw traffic in, by the time people go to that page, all they’ll see is a over hyped product that doesn’t mean a thing, which would make them skeptical of whatever product you are selling. Rather than be secure, they become alienated.

To wrap up, understand this. How your customer mind works is important for you to know. Know how they think, how they would search for keywords, what they would have to say, what they feel, etc. Once you get this and tickle them the right way through words, selling would be a snap.