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Landing Page Optimization For Visitors and Search Engines

Landing Page Optimization For Visitors and Search Engines

Search engines are the best way to get free traffic to your Website. And that’s why it is essential to optimize landing page for search engines. I am giving in this article some of the most important tips for landing page optimization for search engines.

Keywords optimization:

If you have made keyword research and found specific keywords for your Website; you should spread these keywords in body content. Always, put main keyword in title and use h1 header tag for this keyword in content. Keep this keyword at the beginning and at the end of the body if appropriate. Repeat the keyword once in 1-2 paragraphs. Use formats like bold, italic, or underline for your keyword. If there are images on page make sure that you use tag with your targeted keyword as alternate text. If you target more than 1 keyword, place your second keyword in h2 header tag. Make sure that your content flow looks natural. Avoid keyword stuffing if keywords do not fit into content. You just need show authority of keyword on your Website.

Optimization for visitors:

First, optimize your landing page keeping visitors in mind and search engines are only the medium for your visitors to reach your Website. It should look professional. Content should be clearly arranged and should be easy to read. Create a catchy headline. Your landing page should be able to catch your readers’ attention within 2-3 seconds of arrival. Otherwise, they will leave your page immediately. Make them to read further. Make them to take action.

Don’t irritate your visitors by unnecessary pop-ups or flashes. Add site map so that search engines can easily crawl each page of your site. Put testimonial, free offers etc. in order to increase credibility of your Website. High bounce rate also decreases your Website ranking in search engine.


Optimize your landing page for the these factors keeping your visitors in mind first and then optimize for search engines.