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What are the ideal profiles of an effective work team

The perfect team, according to scientific research, is made up of eight different profiles.

This conclusion arises more than four decades ago from a theory called “Belbin team roles” and is still applied today by many organizations.

Specifically, in 2015 the expert in team organization, Mario Neumann, mentioned this theory again in his book Proyecto Safari (GestiĆ³n 2000). In it, he explains what are the ideal profiles that a team should make up for a project to move forward.

We will summarize, below, how Neumann defines these professional profiles:

Leader or coordinator
The person in charge of a project must ask himself some questions such as: how many people do I need? What skills does each member need to develop? Where do they falter? Or what are your strengths?

In addition, this person must act as the leader of the organization to guide their team to specific objectives, motivate them when they are down , actively listen to them when they have a problem, advise them and transmit positive energy and a lot of strength to reach the goal.

The impeller
The promoter has many similarities with the leader because among its characteristics stands out its dynamism, energy and resolution capacity to solve any problem.

The only difference with the leader is that he likes someone to control him and tell him what to do.

He works well under pressure and when they have to take over the leadership position because they have no choice, they need control.

His task focuses on lobbying the rest of the team, polishing the discussions, the results and shaping the activities. Sometimes they provoke others, disrespecting them, and that generates controversy in the team.

The creative
This profile is characterized by being a person with great potential to solve problems and develop strategies. He prefers to seek and contribute different ideas rather than do it as usual, by the traditional method.

He is innovative, his imagination does not stop working and he is very confident in his possibilities.

The only drawback is that they believe their ideas are the best and do not listen to others.

The observer
He is an introverted person, it is difficult for him to express his opinion (unless asked) and he seldom takes the initiative. Instead, he is intelligent, critical, objective, calm, and evaluates the consequences of the decisions made very well.

He is the person who best analyzes the business from another perspective, since he contrasts the viability of ideas, proposals and results.

The disciplined
His squared mind does not allow him to go out of the box. He is inflexible and paralyzes when faced with changes and new opportunities.

That perfect way of doing things makes you productive at your job. He likes to have someone show his way and is effective in planning and carrying out tasks.

The mediator
As its name suggests, the mediator is one who avoids tensions and strives to offer favorable solutions to problems that may arise.

He is a sociable person, who actively listens to others, helps and focuses on making everyone feel comfortable and happy.

The only weak point is that being so diplomatic, he never opts for anyone and it is difficult for them to make decisions.

The investigator
You get excited quickly when you start a new project, but you lose interest as time goes by.

He is sociable and takes a positive attitude towards life. He has the gift of communicating easily with others and of being decisive in finding all kinds of resources.

Their communication skills make it easy for them to make useful contacts for the organization.

The perfectionist
Willing to put in the hours it takes for the project to be successful. He is meticulous, he demands a lot of himself, sometimes in an exaggerated way, and he is a restless person.

This obsession with having everything perfect means that the person does not want to delegate their functions to other people on the team when necessary. It is difficult for them to trust others.

It is a key piece especially when team members do not meet deadlines or do not delve too deeply into their tasks.

And you, with which of them do you identify? Do you think that all these profiles are essential in an organization? Click developer screening platform for more information.