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Search Engine Optimization Essentials – Your Guide to Linkbaiting For Your Site

Search Engine Optimization Essentials – Your Guide to Linkbaiting For Your Site

Nowadays, having your own blog may be just a natural thing. Almost everybody who has a passion towards the internet have them. But having people link to your blog is another story since competition is rather fierce.

Other bloggers also do their thing to attract readers. People with excellent blogs can make others link to them and attract traffic.

This is linkbait or linkbaiting. But first we have to understand what linkbait is, how we can do it, and what advantages it can give you. Linkbait has been around for a long time already but only recently was it given a proper “term”.

The search engine has been here for a long time but creating an item that is giving people the interest, which makes people the desire to link to, is that linkbait.

Here are a few guidelines you have to follow when creating a linkbait:

This could be an anything – an article, picture, phrase or anything that would make people interested and want to link to. Since this could be anything, creating something that would make people interested in is the hardest part. Many have failed and it needs persistence to make the perfect linkbait.

You may also find it difficult and hard to find something of interest to a great number of people. You may write something on any subject or thing that people are easily attracted to.

Once you have the linkbait, the next big step is to have bloggers notice it. You have to have people to take notice of what you’ve done and you need plenty of them to get the links you want.

How to ensure that what you wrote will be something that people will read or see is something that needs to be pondered on. Some things have to be done to ensure that what you wrote will go to the front page, that people will read it, visit your site and link.

Just getting what you wrote to the front page is already hard. You need thousands to vote for your article to get it there.

You may also want to write something that you think may be link worthy. Email this to bloggers and hope that they will link to it. This could be a punch in the air though.

Another option is to look at your competition and see which bloggers link to them. Create something that you think may be unusual for these kind of bloggers but may find interesting.

Successful linkbaiting creates links for your site and several links can push you further to the front page of the search results, relevant to your content.

To make these successful, you need to make people feel strongly about that something you wrote about and make them desire for it. This is successful linkbaiting.