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Tips for Choosing the Most Appropriate Tutoring for You

Entering the new school year is the right time to determine a tutoring (bimbel). Especially for students who are about to enter their final year at school. Usually both students and parents want more study time. The goal is to focus more on preparing for the final exam and also preparation for taking various continuing school tests. So, so that you can choose the right tutoring, consider the following tips.

Tutoring Type

Along with following the development of student learning styles, tutoring is no longer only in the classroom. There are also types of online tutoring that can be used anytime and anywhere. Some basic comparisons between the two, namely:

  1. Online Tutoring

Students can understand lessons at school through technological devices such as laptops and cell phones. There are various learning systems, one of which is by using learning applications that can be downloaded for free. The application contains thousands of learning video content which is directly explained by teachers who are experts in their fields. In addition, there are also quiz questions to test self-ability and the final result is an online report card.

The selection of online learning is very appropriate for students who have busy activities at school. It can also be an option so that parents can more easily control their children.

  1. Conventional Tutoring

Although there are now many online tutoring popping up, but conventional tutoring is also still surviving with a variety of innovations. Despite having to pay a higher fee, there are still many parents who believe that face-to-face classes will make students more focused on learning. Recently, conventional tutoring has begun to expand to counseling sessions for parents and students by holding parenting seminars.

The many choices of tutoring often make students and parents feel confused to determine which one is the most appropriate. Of course, there are several things to consider, including:


The cost ranges from elementary school tutoring, junior high school tutoring, and high school tutoring have different price ranges. However, in general, the range is around Rp. 2 million to Rp. 25 million. The amount of this fee is determined by the study period (a month/semester/year), the duration of study hours, and the total number of meetings. It is highly recommended to choose online tutoring because the price is much more affordable because it does not require operational costs for classrooms and transportation to the tutoring location.


This is due to the various forms of facilities that students will receive. For example, such as modules, classroom comfort, tryouts , consulting lessons outside of tutoring hours, and even providing shelter ( camp ). The amount of the fee can also be determined from the length of study hours and the number of meetings per week.


Not all quality tutoring has the same curriculum reference as the school. Moreover, currently, education in Indonesia uses 3 main curricula, namely the Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP), 2013 Curriculum, and the revised 2013 Curriculum. So, before choosing tutoring , it is necessary to do research first so that it can be adapted to the references used in schools. To mediate this, Ruangguru also provides content that is in accordance with the three curricula.


The assessment of the benefits of tutoring canĀ  not be separated from the results obtained by the alumni. The students and parents of course should try to find out the previous track record . However, it’s not just about looking at the final exam results. But also how the teaching and learning process during the guidance takes place. This is because this can actually affect the enthusiasm of students to be able to excel in school.

How about you, you already know what kind of tutoring is right for you? For those of you who want to choose