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How to Make an Attractive CV So that HRD Looks

Curriculum Vitae or CV is an important factor in finding a job. An attractive CV does not only talk about the content but also the packaging. So how do you make an attractive CV? Well, there are several things you need to know to make an attractive CV for HRD to see.

What is Curriculum Vitae ?
Before making a CV, the first thing you need to know is what a CV is. Curriculum Vitae can briefly be interpreted as a curriculum vitae. This list is an important requirement for those of you who are applying for jobs.

A curriculum vitae or better known as a curriculum vitae is personal information from job seekers. In this case, the curriculum vitae includes many things including name, place of birth, address and so on. Without ignoring how to make a curriculum vitae (CV) received by the company, you also don’t miss work experience. Maybe for some people, a CV only needs to include identity, education and work or organizational experience. It’s true, but does it interest HRD to see it? Not necessarily.

HRD or recruiter can receive hundreds to thousands of CVs. Can you imagine how difficult it is to select? Well, according to research, most recruiters only need to spend about 6-10 seconds looking at a CV. That’s why the first impressions of a CV are very important. If it is considered interesting, the recruiter will continue to read the entire CV that you made. However, if it is considered unattractive, it will be missed.

How to make an attractive CV
To find out how to make an attractive CV, you need to pay attention to the following things:

Creative design
Facing many competitors, you must master the ways to make an attractive CV. One of them is CV design. Creative design, will attract HRD’s eyes to see. However, do not also make a CV with a design that is too long. This applies to the agency or company you wish to apply to. If the place or position you want to apply for is a company engaged in creative industries such as advertising, film, or design agencies, then you can make your CV as attractive as possible. However, if you are applying for a job in a company engaged in the public sector or perhaps a government agency, you can simply make your CV more attractive with the right composition of colors and writing.

There is no need if you feel you are not mastered or proficient in designing. Currently, there are many websites that provide free design templates . In addition, there is also software that makes it easier for you to create a CV. To make it easier you can find many tutorials on YouTube.

Identity as necessary
The basic thing about a CV is self-identity. Identity is something that must be included in the CV. However, many people make mistakes in writing down their identity. The identity that needs to be included in the CV should be a full name and contact that can be contacted such as a cellphone number, email, or social media.

Most people include complete and detailed identity, such as date, month, and year of birth. Then complete address, blood type, religion, to hobbies. Unless you are asked to include it by a recruiter , you do not need to include such personal information.

Another thing that needs to be considered as part of how to make an attractive CV is writing the name. Name is primary information so it is important to include it in the top position or CV header . As an option, you can add a photo of yourself if requested by the company or agency you are applying for. Photos included depending on the company’s requirements, can be formal or casual .

Then the second besides name and contact, what is important for you to include is education. Well, many mistakes are made in including educational information. If you are a Bachelor’s degree, you do not need to write a history of your education since elementary school. It is enough to include your latest education, namely the name of the university and the study program or major. Also include in what year you started college until the year you graduated. Don’t forget to include your GPA or final grade. It is quite helpful for your CV to be considered by HRD.

List work experience clearly
The next way to make an attractive CV is to clearly include work experience. Please note, work experience is the most important instrument in a CV. To make your CV more attractive, your work experience should be listed coherently and clearly. Avoid writing down your work experience with just how long you worked. For example: PT A (June 2019 – December 2019).

So that HRD or recruiters can find out your level of competence, also include your duties and roles during the job, especially if your work experience is related to the job you are applying for. In addition, list your most recent work experience first, and then list your most recent work experience in order.

For those of you who are fresh graduates , you don’t need to worry. How to make your CV attractive can be by including the internship experience you have during the lecture period. Don’t forget to include your duties and roles during the internship.

In addition, feel free to include organizational experience if you have one. Also include your position and duties during your time in the organization.

List your skills and abilities
Listing the skills or abilities you have is an important point and one way to make a CV interesting. Even so, it is not necessary to list all the skills you have. Just include any job-related skills you have.

Another thing that needs to be considered to make an attractive CV is to avoid listing general skills. Examples such as honest, hardworking, or responsible. Those points were something that only other people could judge. Just include skills and abilities that can be clearly measured, such as web design, photography, UI/UX writing , accounting , and so on. By clearly stating the skills you have, create an attractive CV.

Include training/courses if any
In addition, you can also include any training, courses, or certifications you have. This is one way to make an attractive CV. Additional training or skills will further strengthen the value of the skills you have. This information will give you added value in the eyes of HRD or recruiters, especially if the training or course you have is something special that not many others have.

Well, these five points are ways to make an attractive CV. Why is an attractive CV important? Of course because you are not alone in applying for jobs. There are hundreds to thousands of others ready to compete with you. An attractive CV will increase your chances of getting a job and which in turn will have an impact on the career you have. In you can use service for making best CV